I Saw the Angel in the Marble Audiobook

I Saw the Angel in the Marble audiobookWhat if you could have Chris Davis, a favorite homeschool conference speaker and one of the authors of the book I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE, read the book to you and add his personal comments as he goes along? And what if  Chris shared new material that isn’t in the original book and also shared his thoughts about the future of homeschooling?

I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE is a homeschooling best seller and is already in its 10th printing. And now Chris Davis, a co-author reads the book aloud to you and adds his thoughts as he reads.

The chapters that appear in this book were written over the course of many years by some of the most beloved leaders in homeschooling and first appeared as articles in catalogs and newsletters published by The Elijah Company  So the book represents the BEST OF THE BEST of Elijah Company articles.

I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE was compiled from articles that focus on discovering who your children really are and how they learn best, creating the attitudes and environment in your home where learning and relationships can thrive; understanding the many options that are available to you when you are home schooling, and much more.

Chapters include: Why Parents Homeschool Their Children; Turning the Hearts of the Children to the Fathers; Searching for the Ancient Paths; The Three Types of Homeschoolers; The Two Big Questions; Determining Your Child’s Real Needs; Homeschooling Teaching Approaches; Putting It All Together; Choosing Teaching Materials; Knowledge of the Holy; Creating a Learning Environment; Homeschooling is Not About Education; Identity Directed Homeschooling; Whatever Happened to Curiosity?; From Sunup to Sundown; The Day Homeschooling Dies; Mom the Roaring Lion; Educating the Older Child.

Special bonus chapters that are on the audio but aren’t included in the book are : Bonus Chapter 1, A Heart That Kneels to Fear; Bonus Chapter 2, Raising Your Child for the World; Bonus Chapter 3, The Dream Poster; and Bonus Chapter 4, Epilogue.

This audiobook is an expanded retelling of the best of 15 years of Elijah Company articles.


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