Father Daughter Bonding Over Books

readingpromisecoverI want to share an inspiring story about a father who read aloud to his daughter every single day for over eight years as an encouragement to continue to read aloud to our children, no matter what their age.

Although we never went to the extreme this father-daughter pair did in our commitment to reading together as a family, we read books aloud to each other whenever we traveled as well as had family times where we would share books aloud or listen to them on audios.

Jim Brozina, a single father and elementary school librarian was reading Beverly Cleary’s Dear Mr. Henshaw aloud to his fourth grade daughter Kathy when she decided to finish the book herself. That was the end of their reading aloud together.

But when his youngest daughter Kristen reached fourth grade, Jim came up with a plan to keep reading together. He proposed “The Streak”—a challenge to see if they could read together 100 bedtimes in a row. So, on November 11, 1997, they began their reading streak with The Tin Woodsman of Oz by L. Frank Baum.

When The Streak reached 100, they both wanted to continue and Kristen urged her father to keep going and try to reach 1,000 nights. [Read more…]