7 Common Approaches to Homeschooling

I thought this little video was cute. Dads are the best.

Back to the subject at hand…. Bookfair season. Since bookfair season is upon us and our thoughts are turning to what we are going to use in the next school year, this is the last in a series of posts about choosing materials

So far I’ve covered different ways children learn, different educational philosophies, and 10 rules of thumb for choosing teaching materials. In this post, I want to delve into the major teaching approaches you’ll find in homeschooling materials.

Sometimes when you are searching for teaching materials for your children, it’s not just the number of products that is confusing, but it’s a shock to discover that the products are coming from different ideas of how children should be taught and what they should be learning.

A home school curriculum fair is kind of like an interdenominational meeting, but there aren’t just doctrinal differences–there are different educational philosophies, different teaching approaches, and different convictions about what kinds of lifestyles home schooling families should have. [Read more…]