Get Off the Homeschool Hamster Wheel

Homeschool Hamster Wheel_thumbYou’ve probably been homeschooling for at least a little while and you feel like things are getting kind of out of control. Maybe you’re already at the stage of feeling like a hamster running as fast as you can on your wheel and getting nowhere. Maybe you’re just at the beginning of feeling overwhelmed and need some encouragement and support. Why else would you be checking out this book?

Believe me, I’ve been in your shoes and I feel for you. In fact, as you read through this book and I confess how chaotic my homeschool was in the beginning, you may breathe a sigh of relief that your days are nowhere near as out of control as mine were.

My days usually were like running on a hamster wheel thinking I was finally getting somewhere. Many homeschool moms have told me their days were like that too.

One homeschooling mom I know described her day like the “Bopping Gophers” arcade game where gophers pop up faster and faster and you have to keep “bopping” them in order to win the game.

I finally reached the point where I knew I needed to de-chaos my life—not just of physical chaos, but also of the mental, emotional, and relational “chaos” and “clutter” that drained me of energy and caused me to feel overwhelmed and undersupported.


First, I began recognizing and trying to eliminate the “energy vampires” in my life. I became aware of beliefs and fears that drained my energy and caused me to keep holding on to people, activities, and things long after it was time to move them on their way. In the book I’ll explain exactly what these energy vampires are and how to eliminate them from your life.

Second, I began applying 4 simple rules to everything about my life—from my home to my homeschooling to my lifestyle to my relationships and activities. In the book I also explain each of the four rules and how to implement them in your life.

It didn’t take long and didn’t take a ton of effort, but I made my way off the hamster wheel and into a life that was manageable, satisfying, and FUN. In this book I share everything I did that brought about that huge shift in my life.

If I got off the homeschool hamster wheel, you can too! So why not start now? GET THE BOOK AT THIS LINK!

Note: This book is currently only available in Kindle format, but will soon be released in paperback. If you do not have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle app to your PC, laptop, tablet or cellphone and read Kindle books from multiple electronic devices. To download your Kindle app, go here:

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