Building the Business of Your Dreams

Here, in this one set, is all the information you need to be well on your way to building a successful family business. Sessions were recorded as interviews with prominent Christian businessmen, or as live teachings at one of The Elijah Company’s business conferences. The set will give you a thorough understanding of the kind of thinking you should have, the kind of passion you need to start with, the kind of supportive team you should build, the kind of opportunities that are available, and all of the principles you need to learn to get your business up and running smoothly.

We think everyone who is considering starting their own business or who already has their own business and wants to take it to the next level should listen to these audios.

This set of 8 audios contains the following sessions:

Audio 1: The Entrepreneurial Mind by Ellyn Davis. This session covers how entrepreneurs think and how to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. It also explains the difference in how successful business people think about creating income in ways that are different from most other people.

Audio 2: Multiple Streams of Home Income by Ellyn Davis. This session covers understanding cash flow, the basic principles of wealth-building, and how to build businesses that provide multiple streams of income.

Audio 3: Identifying Your Dreams by Tim Lakey and Ellyn Davis. This session covers why it is so important to know what is important to you, what you value, what matters to you, because you want whatever business you have to be an extension of the things that matter to you.

Audio 4: Business as a Vehicle for Achieving Your Dreams by Tim Lakey and Ellyn Davis. This session explains how to create your ideal business and how to overcome personal barriers that stand in the way of your success.

Audio 5: Creating a Business Plan, session 1 by Tim Lakey and Ellyn Davis. One of the key differences between businesses that succeed and businesses that fail is that successful businesses usually have a well-thought out business plan. In this session, Tim and Ellyn discuss the importance of having a business plan and the elements that one should include.

Audio 6: Creating a Business Plan 2 by Tim Lakey and Ellyn Davis. This session continues the discussion of how to create a dynamic, meaningful business plan that not only charts a course for your business but also attracts investors.

Audio 7: Business Relationships by Tim Lakey and Ellyn Davis. In business, it’s often not who you know, but who knows you, and networking is a vital skill to building and maintaining a business. This session shares how important building a network of relationships is to the growth of your business.

Audio 8: Redeeming the Marketplace is an interview Ellyn Davis held with Mike Bickle and Bob Fraser of The International House of Prayer about the impact a business can have for Christ in your city.

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