Why Homeschool? Developing a Strong Enough Why

why-homeschool-100x150This is our very first Unconventional Homeschooling Guide and you can access a free pdf version called A Strong Enough Why by signing up for our mailing list in the form to the right. But now a revised and expanded version of Why Homeschool? is also available on Kindle so you can direct friends and family to it.

Several years ago I attended a real estate conference given by a man named John Dessauer. John was known as the “king of multi-units” and the conference was about how to choose, finance, and operate multi-unit apartment buildings. Other than the obviously valuable information about investing in multi-units, the session that stood out the most to me during that conference was one on the “why.” In it, John shared that several years before he had been near bankruptcy, his marriage in ruins, and his life a shambles and he said this, “If you have a strong enough WHY, the HOWs will take care of themselves.”

His “WHY” was restoring his marriage, his finances and his life, so he began investing in multi-units, one small step at a time, until he built an apartment empire and became a multi-millionaire. In the process he was careful to cultivate his relationship with his wife in such a way that within three years his marriage and his life were back on track. And now his wife is his business partner.

I’ve never forgotten John’s statement: “If you have a strong enough WHY, the HOWs will take care of themselves.”

In the twenty-plus years I’ve home schooled, I’ve spoken with thousands of other home schooling parents and I’ve discovered that most problems with home schooling tend to occur because parents get hung up over the HOWs of home schooling. And the reason is, they don’t have a strong enough WHY.

In Christian jargon, we might call the WHY a conviction and we could say that their home schooling efforts became a struggle because their conviction about home schooling was unclear or wavering.

Let’s be realistic. Home schooling is not for everyone. Home schooling is a massive, full-time commitment, primarily for Mom. Done well, it requires a total reorientation of your life, not just four or five hours of your day. So let’s spend a little time developing a strong enough WHY to propel us through any problems of HOW. This book helps you develop your own strong enough WHY by sharing the primary reasons I have such a deep conviction about home schooling.

I understand that home schooling may not be for everyone and I respect the decisions of those who choose not to home school. But, if you are reading this, home schooling is probably for you. You just need a little stirring of the coals for your spark of interest to become the flame of conviction—a strong enough WHY that the HOWs take care of themselves.

Why did we begin teaching our boys, and why are a growing number of Christian parents choosing to educate their children at home?

There are the obvious reasons: reasons like being able to choose teaching materials that reinforce our religious beliefs and moral standards; the academic superiority of a one-on-one teaching situation; the ability to monitor socialization experiences; the freedom to tailor the course of study to the individual; and the flexibility to create more family time. These are all excellent reasons to home school, but there are other reasons that are seldom mentioned.

These “other reasons” are the REAL reasons we teach our children at home and the Guide Why Homeschool? delves into the six main reasons Christian parents choose to homeschool their children.

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