Homeschool Magazines

Instead of subscribing to “O” or “People” magazines, why not consider subscribing to a few home schooling magazines and get fresh insight and encouragement in your mailbox each month? We also recommend magazines that cater to your children’s interests. Here are some of the best magazines we’ve found to supplement our homeschooling efforts:

General Home Schooling Magazines

Practical Homeschooling is one of the oldest and most popular home schooling magazines. It features articles on different teaching topics by leaders in the home schooling movement as well as product reviews and other interesting features. Practical Homeschooling will bring you up to date on everything from preschool and reading to college prep. In-depth reviews and annual Awards for best products. Expert columnists, including Bill & Mary Pride. Plus, success stories, inspiration & contests with prizes!

Home Education Magazine is more eclectic in its approach and offers articles and information from a wide range of home schooling viewpoints. A great investment for those just considering or beginning home schooling, as well as seasoned home schoolers. Home Education Magazine is jam-packed with great articles, columns, interviews and has proven itself a valuable tool to the diverse home schooling community.

Magazines to use in Homeschooling to encourage an interest in History and Geography

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B005YHGI0K” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”84″]WORLD Magazine is a weekly news magazine for children that comes from a biblical worldview. It provides news and interesting information for children – biblically, appropriately, and vibrantly – so they can grow in their understanding that God has the whole world in His hands. It contains age-appropriate news stories, lessons, and articles written from a Christian perspective with the purpose of teaching kids a biblical worldview.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B00006KH16″ locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”83″]History Magazine. A magazine of cultural, social, political, and military history for a general audience; publishes articles on significant persons, events, issues, and places from the past.

Kids Discover. Dedicated to helping children aged 6 to 12 become lifelong learners, each issue investigates a single high-interest topic in science or social studies. The combination of dramatic color photography, high-impact illustrations, and informative kid-friendly text engages readers with compelling content.

National Geographic Kids. A colorful monthly magazine created especially for curious kids. Novelty and hands-on learning make a winning combination that has captivated nearly one million readers for more than 20 years. Features encourage its readers to protect the planet.

National Geographic. This is the flagship magazine of the National Geographic Society. For decades it has provided a window into the people and cultures of every corner of the world.

Magazines to feed an interest in Literature

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B00006FXOO” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”86″]Cricket. Cricket is a highly respected award winning literary magazine for children ages 6-14 who love to read. It feeds the minds and imaginations of kids. Every issue of Cricket is filled with stories, poems, puzzles, recipes, and science and nature articles – all designed to stimulate the imagination and help young people discover and explore the world around them.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B00006FXOR” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”86″]Ladybug. Ladybug opens the door to reading for kids ages 2 – 6. Every page of Ladybug is beautiful, colorful, and a delight to read. Each issue is filled with charming characters, activities, songs, poems, and stories.

Magazines to use in Home Schooling to encourage an interest in Science and Nature

Many of these magazines are from secular publishers, but are still worthwhile because of their interesting articles and photographs. Children are naturally interested in Science and Nature, and a magazine that comes just to them is a real treat. Plus, it reinforces interest in the science you are teaching in your home school.

Audubon. The mission of Audubon magazine is to help its readers appreciate, understand, and preserve the natural world, with a particular focus on birds and wildlife and their habitats. For middle school and up.

Click opens up a universe of wonder by introducing kids ages 3 – 7 to the world that’s all around them.Click is abut the sciences, nature, and the environment. From the publishers of Ladybug, Click is written so that children will love the challenge of new learning.

Discover. Kind of a Scientific American-lite. Science rules the headlines these days, with new developments each week in genetics, astrophysics, computers, and medicine, and Discover is a great way to get a broad spectrum of science news. Designed for the general reader, Discover translates and interprets many of the same stories professionals peruse in  Scientific American. For middle school and up.

Kids Discover. Dedicated to helping children aged 6 to 12 become lifelong learners, each issue investigates a single high-interest topic in science or social studies. The combination of dramatic color photography, high-impact illustrations, and informative kid-friendly text engages readers with compelling content.

Muse seeks to stimulate, delight, and challenge every curious kid ages 9 – 14. Sponsored by Smithsonian and from the publishers of Cricket, Muse features articles on space, genetics, rain forests, computers, physics, math, visual arts, earth sciences, and almost everything else in the universe.

National Wildlife. Treatment of America’s wild creatures and places through full-color photo galleries, natural history features, outdoor adventure articles and news items of ecological concern. Conservation-minded magazine of nature and the environment. For middle school and up.

Nature Friend Magazine. If you’ve been looking for a nature magazine for your children that gives God the glory for the wonders and beauty of creation, then Nature Friend is the magazine for you. Nature Friend is a full color glossy magazine offering similar features and spectacular photos just like secular nature magazines for children. There are stories, a hidden picture page, nature crafts and activities, in depth articles, and a “You Can Draw” section that teaches nature illustration. Top quality production is married to well written Christian oriented content.

Natural History. Published by New York’s treasured American Museum of Natural History, Natural History gives a monthly peek into current goings-on in the broad realm of natural history and science. For high school and up.

Popular Mechanics. This magazine has it all: technology, automotive, aviation, boats, home repair, and much more. It gives a great overview of what is happening in many industries and hobbies. Popular Mechanics is filled with informative articles on everything ranging from new technology, world events, woodworking tips, car care, automotive design, and computers. For middle school and up.

Popular Science. The “what’s new” magazine of science and technology. Covers energy, new products for the home, work and leisure. Provides blueprints for projects and test reports on new cars, electronics and cameras. For middle school and up.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B002PXVYPU” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”82″]Scientific American. For working scientists, especially in high-tech fields, there are only a few crucial non-journal periodicals to pore over faithfully, and Scientific American is one of them–its timely and technical features on everything from paleoarchaeology to neural nets set it apart from popular science magazines like DiscoverScientific American emphasizes a wide variety of emerging technologies, giving scientists a chance to keep up in an increasingly specialized professional world. For High School and up.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B0032KHQTS” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”81″]Smithsonian covers and chronicles the arts, environment, sciences and popular culture of the times. Composed for modern, well-rounded individuals with diverse interests. It comes with a membership to the Smithsonian Institution. For middle school and up.

Magazines to use in Home Schooling to encourage an interest in Entrepreneurship

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B001U5SPME” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”79″]Wired. Wired magazine is a computer magazine devoted to readers who want to know more about that world. Every issue covers the newest and hottest electronic devices, giving readers an inside look at those devices before they hit the streets. From the hottest technologies to reviews of the best devices on the market, Wired magazine is a must-read publication for those interested in technology.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B00005NINU” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”82″]Entrepreneur. Entrepreneur magazine identifies trends and opportunities that are just starting to take off, so readers get the inside scoop first. Topics include marketing, management, technological advances, and more, offering a wealth of information about multiple aspects of business operations. From branding your products to navigating the maze of employee benefits, each issue provides information about running a business that will help you get started quickly. Franchise articles and reviews can help you decide whether this type of venture is a viable option for you, and product reviews will help you choose the right equipment for your home office or small office. Regular articles on business travel, lifestyle tips, personal finance, and must-have technology round out each month’s content.

[easyazon-image align=”left” asin=”B002GCU2S0″ locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”84″]Inc.[Print + Kindle]. Learn tips of the entrepreneurial trade from CEOs who have grown small shops and businesses to Fortune 500 businesses in each issue of Inc. Magazine. The articles include some biographical information along with a few secrets, tips, and tricks that the CEOs learned along the way. These articles offer a wealth of information that any business owner can use.

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B002PXW10C” locale=”us” height=”110″ src=”” width=”82″]Home Business Magazine. Home Business Magazine is a publication aimed at those who either already own a home based business or who have an active interest in the subject and would like to pursue it further. This magazine contains articles relating to all facets of home business ownership from the initial setup all the way through to the payment of taxes at year end.

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