I Carved the Angel from the Marble

I Saw the Angel in the MarbleI Carved the Angel From the MarbleYou can set your children free to become the individuals God created them to be. These books will show you how. They are written for those parents who refuse to accept the prevailing cultural notion that education only happens in institutional settings and are discovering for themselves that a real education consists not just of head knowledge, but also heart and spirit knowledge and that it is built more on relationship than on relaying information.

The chapters that appear in these books were written over the course of many years by some of the most beloved leaders in homeschooling and first appeared as articles in catalogs and newsletters published by The Elijah Company and Home School Marketplace.  So the books represents the BEST OF THE BEST of Elijah Company and Home School Marketplace articles.

I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE was compiled from home schooling articles that focus on discovering who your children really are and how they learn best, creating the attitudes and environment in your home where learning and relationships can thrive; understanding the many options that are available to you when you are home schooling, and much more. The articles in this book first appeared in the Elijah Company catalog or were sent to the over 20,000 families who subscribed to the Elijah Company’s e-mail newsletter. For a long time people had asked us to put these articles in one place so they would be easier to find, easier to read and easier to make available to friends. So, finally, we did it.

Chapters include: Why Parents Homeschool Their Children; Turning the Hearts of the Children to the Fathers; Searching for the Ancient Paths; The Three Types of Homeschoolers; The Two Big Questions; Determining Your Child’s Real Needs; Homeschooling Teaching Approaches; Putting It All Together; Choosing Teaching Materials; Knowledge of the Holy; Creating a Learning Environment; Homeschooling is Not About Education; Identity Directed Homeschooling; Whatever Happened to Curiosity?; From Sunup to Sundown; The Day Homeschooling Dies; Mom the Roaring Lion; Educating the Older Child

I CARVED THE ANGEL FROM THE MARBLE is the companion book to I SAW THE ANGEL IN THE MARBLE and was compiled from home schooling articles that focus on the nuts and bolts of schooling at home and the everyday aspects of teaching and learning together. It covers how to set the stage for learning to occur as well as the best ways to teach the major subjects at home – from language arts, to math, to history, to science. It also has a chapter on teaching high school at home.

I CARVED THE ANGEL FROM THE MARBLE is over 220 pages and takes an even deeper look at the different elements that make home schooling a successful adventure in learning. To order: GO HERE>>

Chapters cover how to recognize your “angels in the marble” and help set them free; how to get off the “hamster wheel”of activity if you feel overwhelmed and undersupported in your homeschooling efforts; how to develop your own scope and sequence of study for each child; how to teach the major subjects such as language arts, history, math and science in your homeschool; and much, much more!

In a way, these two books took over 20 years to write. So savor them. Read them slowly and carefully. Don’t let them just take up space on your bookshelf, but let them impart helpful, practical wisdom and advice.


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