Turning Hearts Home Schooling Seminars

Turning Hearts Seminar SetTurning Hearts: The Best of Chris and Ellyn Davis, this 8 -audio set contains home schooling seminars given by Chris and Ellyn Davis of The Elijah Company and Home School Marketplace at various home schooling conventions. People have told us these audios changed their lives. The set contains 8 hours of instruction, including:

How Not to Teach Like the Public Schools by Chris Davis (seeking a biblical approach to education that doesn’t use a cookie-cutter, assembly line approach to home schooling)

When Mothers Teach Resistant Sons and Daughters by Chris Davis (what strains the mother-child relationship and how we often misinterpret a child’s inability to perform at a certain developmental level as resistance and rebellion)

Turning the Hearts of Fathers by Chris Davis (why men have moved away from family leadership, how this affects both boys and girls, home schooling,  and what we can do about it)

There is a Bigger Picture by Chris Davis (home schooling is not just a separate compartment of your day, it’s part of a total lifestyle)

Identity Directed Home Schooling by Chris Davis (finding God’s destiny for each child and how your home schooling journey can provide resources and experiences to help develop that destiny)

Seven Habits of Successful Home Schooling by Ellyn Davis (the seven things that successful, effective home schooling parents consistently do)

Charting a Course for High School by Ellyn Davis (yes, you can home school through highschool and here’s how to do it)

Science in the Homeschool by Ellyn Davis (how to take the dread out of science and put the wonder back in)

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